Sorry, we found you as a researcher in WCG, but we were unable to locate you on the team.

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How does a non-BBP team member join BBP PoDC 2.0?

After you type the following in debug console:

exec cpk nickname

you  must wait for the transaction to confirm (6 confirmations)

exec associate wcg_nickname wcg_verification_code

If you receive the following error message, you must join team BiblePay and perhaps wait 12-24 hours until WCG confirms you are on the BiblePay team before you try exec associate again.

Sorry, we found you as a researcher in WCG, but we were unable to locate you on the team. Please join team BiblePay to proceed. Please type ‘exec rac’ to see more helpful hints. NOTE: You may check back again once every 12 hours to see if you are on the team. (code -1)

exec rac{
“Command”: “rac”,
“Error”: “Not Linked.  First, you must link your researcher CPID in the chain using ‘exec associate’.”,
“Step 1”: “Log into your WCG account at ‘’ with your WCG E-mail address and WCG password.”,
“Step 2”: “Click Settings | My Profile.  Record your ‘Username’ and ‘Verification Code’ and your ‘CPID’ (Cross-Project-ID).”,
“Step 3”: “Click Settings | Data Sharing.  Ensure the ‘Display my Data’ radio button is selected.  Click Save. “,
“Step 4”: “Click My Contribution | My Team.  If you are not part of Team ‘BiblePay’ click Join Team | Search | BiblePay | Select BiblePay | Click Join Team | Save.”,
“Step 5”: “NOTE: After choosing your team, and starting your research, please give WCG 24 hours for the CPID to propagate into BBP.  In the mean time you can start Boinc research – and ensure the computer is performing WCG tasks. “,
“Step 6”: “From our RPC console, type, exec associate your_username your_verification_code”,
“Step 7”: “Wait for 5 blocks to pass.  Then type ‘exec rac’ again, and see if you are linked!  “,
“Step 8”: “Once you are linked you will receive daily rewards.  Please read about our minimum stake requirements per RAC here:”


This is currently a bug and will be addressed. New wallet users are unable to join BiblePay PoDC 2.0 unless they join team BiblePay first. An association transaction must be sent successfully in order for the BiblePay CPK address you registered earlier using exec cpk bbp_nicknameis associated with your WCG account using exec associate wcg_nickname wcg_verification_code

Further comments by Rob (the lead dev):

GRC is now just like any non-BBP team (higher escrow reqs per day).  The problem here is in the emitted message about “unable to locate you on the team.”.  That is deceiving and wrong.  I replaced the message with a new message :
      std::string sErr = "Sorry, we found you as a researcher in WCG, but we were unable to locate you on the team.  "
                "You may still participate but the daily escrow requirements are higher for non BiblePay researchers. ";

This will be out in the next version.

Some conflicting comments by other BBP users:

Well, mine was associated back in PoDC 1.0, so not sure if that was a reason why it worked in 2.0. Otherwise, I’ve never been a member of team BBP and I believe that is the version I used to associate. Restarting the client would show it correctly being associated.

Further clarification by Rob:

Please let me see if I can clarify this as it can get complicated without the veil being removed:

You can definitely associate a non-biblepay team researcher using ‘exec associate’ without joining team BBP first, as long as that CPID has > 256 RAC.  The only complexity here is : When the RAC is < 256, the wallet does not recognize the researcher until they build up more RAC  (this is because there are 21,000 non-bbp researchers with rac > 256 we memorize, this is to save resources in the core wallet).

The error message does stop the flow simply because the tx was not actually sent, but that can be forced in the current version by adding the true 1 flag.  The next version changes the error message to be more friendly and lets the transaction flow immediately out if it found your CPID with > 256 rac on a non biblepay team.

For the BiblePay team, we memorize *all* the CPIDs to allow more user friendly messages to be displayed, so the flow can be a tiny bit different for people with < 256 rac on team BBP.

The next version is being prepared for release.

  1. e.g. exec associate wcg_nickname wcg_verification_code true — Please note you only want to do this when you first register. If you do it when you are already registered in BiblePay, it will cause payment to stop for 24-48 hours since you associated your BiblePay CPK name and WCG nickname before[]
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