Campaign wcg does not exist. (code – 1)

Question At I am trying to link my CPID. When I type exec associate mynickname verification code I get an error message Campaign wcg does not exist. (code – 1) Answer You need to register a CPK first: exec cpk biblepay_nickname After waiting 6 confirmations, you can run the exec associate command to link your […]

Sorry, we found you as a researcher in WCG, but we were unable to locate you on the team.

How does a non-BBP team member join BBP PoDC 2.0? After you type the following in debug console: exec cpk nickname you  must wait for the transaction to confirm (6 confirmations) exec associate wcg_nickname wcg_verification_code If you receive the following error message, you must join team BiblePay and perhaps wait 12-24 hours until WCG confirms […]

How can I receive BBP for PoDC if I do not have any BBP to stake?

From If your RAC is below 250, you do not need to have any coins. If your RAC is above 250, you will need BiblePay coins in your wallet to get your daily rewards If you are on “Team BiblePay”, you need (RAC ^ 1.3) coin*age If you are not on “Team BiblePay”, you […]

How is Healing GSC Campaign calculated?

How is Healing Generic Smart Contract (GSC) campaign calculated? Togo said: Healing Campaign I noticed in Suns guide there are config settings: Are there rewards to tithing more than 1 BBP? Are there rewards for coin-age? Is this sort of a smaller version of POG? I replied: Yes, it works just like the retired PoG […]

What does the poom_payments RPC command do?

poom_payments RPC command I noticed with a new command called poom_payments was added. What does it do? Rob said: That is the command that Cameroon or Kairos uses to list all payments paid via the paysponsorship command. Note that paysponsorship command now requires the charity name to make a payment.  (It used to be […]