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How can I receive BBP for PoDC if I do not have any BBP to stake?

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If your RAC is below 250, you do not need to have any coins.

If your RAC is above 250, you will need BiblePay coins in your wallet to get your daily rewards

If you are on “Team BiblePay”, you need (RAC ^ 1.3) coin*age
If you are not on “Team BiblePay”, you need (RAC ^ 1.6) coin*age

What if I don’t have any BBP and can’t buy any?

You have a few options:

  • You can always “heat” mine (PoW – Proof of Work, PoBH – Proof of BibleHash) on a pool:
  • Get free BBP from the BBP faucets:
    • southxchange faucet
    • graviex faucet
    • you always contact myself or capulo and we can send some BBP your way too
  • The third option but more time consuming is to split your CPID into multiples to stay under the 250 RAC threshold. You need to create multiple CPKs in separate BiblePay QT wallets, but once you create the CPK and join wcg, the system would recognize you without having to send a daily gsc transmission for wcg. Please note, it currently works as of Jan 3, 2020 but may change in the future.
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