How is Healing GSC Campaign calculated?

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How is Healing Generic Smart Contract (GSC) campaign calculated?

Togo said:

Healing Campaign

I noticed in Suns guide there are config settings:

Are there rewards to tithing more than 1 BBP? Are there rewards for coin-age? Is this sort of a smaller version of POG?

I replied:

Yes, it works just like the retired PoG except there’s no cubed root for tithing more. 1 BBP is the same as 100 BBP for healing.

It is just what inputs you use and how much coin age you used in the tx.

The prominence will add up to 5% from the “Points” used (aka coin age).

24.8M BBP coin age was contributed.

Sakic is 16.7M out of 24.8M BBP.

16750 / 24805 = 67.52%

Multiply that by 5% and you have 3.376% prominence, or rounded up 3.38% for Sakic.

  "HEALING: B4hsUDPZUfrku9Aa9PHzDNf4KBh33zCwhA [Sakic], Pts: 16750.00": "3.38%",
  "HEALING: BFDwrSv2Yd1jBrAyieDGBYuTivNxoNXism [akkin4], Pts: 3428.00": "0.69%",
  "HEALING: BLDtfba6uPzcfw5YpS9VTUNat3JBckLjD4 [oncoapop3], Pts: 4329.00": "0.87%",
  "HEALING: BQXj5kV9LVUZGF4ipFCRmkzBbZu366grJt [randrews], Pts: 298.00": "0.06%",