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Is the Dynamic Whale Stake pool full?

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whale image courtesy of pixabay clker

What is Dynamic Whale Staking?

Is the Dynamic Whale Stake pool full? I guess too many people in the jacuzzi already? Wink

This is the “burn” address that you submit a Dynamic Whale Stake (DWS) too.

23:14:33 exec dws 100 7 I_AGREE

“Command”: “dws”,
“Staking Amount”: 100,
“Duration”: 7,
“Reclaim Date”: “01-10-2020 07:14:33”,
“Return Address”: “xxx”,
“DWU”: “78.8647”,
“Error (Not Sent)”: “Sorry, our annual saturation level is too great to accept this burn until we free up more room.”


The DWS system owes too much right now so it can not accept any more DWS. Longer stakes pay exponentially better.

Rob said:

Yeah, unfortunately its already full.  I think what we will need to do is give it a break for a couple months, and then we will change the rules (for a mandatory release), to allow at least 20* more transactions in.  We will need to lower the highest DWU cap, increase the sensitivity of change, etc.  This will result in lower rewards but with the goal of generally having it online and available.

More details on Dynamic Whale Staking:

Original Dynamic Whale Staking PDF:

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