What happens on HideoutTV if your IP quality is bad?

If you check your IP quality and it is a high number (higher is bad), you could be categorized as high risk. When your IP quality is poor, it affects your ability to earn on certain web sites.

This is why you should be very careful using bandwidth sharing app, or better yet, do not use them at all. Bandwidth sharing apps are services such as HoneyGain, EarnApp, ThePiggyBox, etc.

How do I check my IP quality score?

You can check your score by using a service such as ipqualityscore.com


Notice: Rewards Unavailable

Unfortunately this device or IP is ineligible for rewards. However, you can still enjoy all of the great content that Hideout.co has to offer. So, feel free to stick around and keep watching.

Why am I getting a Rewards Unavailable message on HideOut.TV or related sites?

A Few Reasons Why You Are Seeing This message:

  • You are connected to a VPN
  • Some public and commercial WiFi networks are blocked from rewards
  • You have been blocked by one of our third party partners who have temporarily flagged you for your watching behavior either here or on another site
  • You are using a newly-released device with compatibility issues
  • Come back tomorrow. Our IP based blocks are updated constantly all day. If it was an error it should resolve soon.