Mode earn app – recent redemption experience

It seems some users of the Mode earn app (formerly Current Music) are having issues with redemption or accounts being suspended for fraudulent activity. If you use the app primarily as a passive earning app with the lock screen, you may have also received the following e-mail and/or received a suspension notice.

What Mode earn app is alluding to is that they want users to use a variety of methods to earn points on their app by doing offers (tasks, surveys), install apps, play games, etc. This looks like you are more actively involved in using the app and not exclusively using your app to play music and using the lock screen to earn points.

I’ve earned points on the app up to this point exclusively using the lock screen and playing recorded music. Unfortunately, it seems they have noticed this pattern of usage and are not happy with the behavior.

Typically, a software company should be modifying its software to discourage the specific type of behaviors rather than allow said behavior in the app and try to enforce it on the customer service end. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of how to scale your business and software. In the end, it leads to poor user experience and bad ratings in the app store and the internet at large.

The better way to handle it is to nerf lock screen earnings or points from playing music without interaction. Or the more nefarious interpretation of this is that they want to earn revenue off of you and not pay you intentionally by performing this action after you go for a redemption versus changing the way their app works.

mode earn app redemption issues


Thank you for using the Mode Earn App. This email pertains to your recent redemption experience.

Recently, we have received invalid traffic reports from several of our advertising partners in relation to your user activity, which in turn has caused the cancellation of your current redemption.

We know this is not ideal and have been working on a solution to re-enable flagged accounts while maintaining the standards our advertisers require. This may mean certain features will no longer be accessible for certain users. We understand this may cause frustration.

The best way to avoid invalidation occurrences in the future is by using multiple ways to earn Mode points such as offers, games, surveys, contests, installs or sweepstakes.

We appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this process and look forward to helping you continue to earn going forward.

| Mode Earn App Customer Support