Failed setup Spectrum business multiple static IPs

How to fail in setting up a MikroTik Router with Spectrum Business with multiple static IPs

Disclaimer: MikroTik hpac3 is a fine product and believe the issue is with the hardware Spectrum Business provides their customers. If you want better success with Spectrum Business multiple static IPs, I recommend getting at least 600Mbps or better initially to get a two-box combination. They will give you a cable modem and router as separate hardware. People who have this setup apparently have better success with setting their own router .

My specific use case was to have the MikroTik router assign 1 WAN to 4 LAN IPs.

The furthest I got was being able to set the router with a WAN IP from the block was assigned, but that was it. It seems the Arris can provision IPs from the block, but you can not set them dynamically (e.g. an ethernet port being able to dynamically change the WAN IP on demand).

Arris TG1672G

On my Arris TG1672G, it is a combo modem router with wifi and voip lines built-in. The IP to access the device is . You may need to set your IP manually to , , gateway:

Click on Wireless tab. The default login is admin / password .

It comes factory default as Routed with NAT and they apparently have an advanced section that is password protected where they run their bootup script that configures the modem. We have no access to this.

You can change other settings such as using Bridge, Routed with NAT, and Routed without NAT. I had no success setting up for my use with any of these options.


Quick Set –

change local network and DHCP server range

If you change the local network and DHCP server range, go into dhcp server > networks and update DNS server to local gateway

If you changed the local network, you will need to release and renew your IP so the new local IP can be picked up

check dhcp server > leases also have old IP leases removed

interfaces wlan1 is 2.4Ghz, change ssid to whatever you want

change wlan2 to ssid you want

wireless > security profiles > turn on wpa psk and wpa2 psk

fill in both pre-shared key

IP > dhcp server > leases

on smartphone, match wifi mac with mac under leases tab

make sure smartphone wifi mac is consistent (turn off randomize mac under networking, privacy)

make IP address entry, static. exit then re-enter IP address and change it to the IP address you want. If you have phone asset tag (numbered 2 to 254), you can use that to be the same number as the last octet.

Disconnect smartphone from network and re-connect. Verify new LAN IP was registered


Update: 3/8/2022

After attempting to get the Arris TG1672G working with the MikroTik hpac3 router, I’ve returned both products. MikroTik router is a fine product with wireless AP. I only returned it because Spectrum Business will let you use the IP block you rented only if you use their provided modem and router combo. So, for use cases where you want 1 WAN IP to be associated to multiple LAN IP, this is something a MikroTik router can handle, but ii is a use case beyond my ability using that specific model of Spectrum Business hardware.

I know at least one person that used the Arris NVG443B to set up their multiple static IP with Spectrum Business but using a Ubiquiti Edge Router X.