How do I remove ads inside µTorrent 3.5.5?

Do you wish to go back to the days of µTorrent before it had ads? This is still possible, if you change some settings within the program.

Go to Options, Preferences, and select Advanced

Search for the following attributes and set each value as false by double clicking on the value:

  • bt.enable_pulse
  • gui.show_notorrents_node
  • gui.show_plus_upsell
  • offers.content_offer_autoexec
  • offers.left_rail_offer_enabled
  • offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled

You can type just a partial like pulse for bt.enable_pulse

Double-click on the attribute and the value will switch.

An asterisk next to the value (e.g. *false) means the setting is not the default for µTorrent in the current version

Keep going through all the settings you need to set as false/

After you are done with all the attributes, click Apply then click OK

Video instructions here