How do I bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Android 10 Go Edition? (PIN Security Lock Bypass)

This bypass was specifically done on a phone with Android 10 Go Edition. In my use case, the phone had a security lock via PIN. 

Talkback under Vision settings was not available

Share option was not available when you highlighted words when adding text on the e-mail login Google locked page

This method is specifically to add an international keyboard, selecting a keyboard that has multiple options (the > chevron), and you select help.

Option 1: Search for disable Android. On that page has an Open Application Settings. From here you may be able to go to Security and update the PIN by screen pinning option. 

Option 2: Then type in morse as a search term, click on the YouTube video, and the title of the morse YouTube video may take you to Chrome. If not, you may need to go into recovery mode, and factory reset the phone. Next time you click on the YouTube title, it may take you to Chrome. Then go to a third-party site where you download an APK (e.g. Setting.apk) to change the PIN to something else.

rather than follow the video completely, you can change the PIN by using setting.apk and going to security to change the PIN. This is much faster.