Should employees stay unemployed until July 25, 2020 or return to work now?

Rob Sarnes There’s the PEUC which will give you another 13 weeks of unemployment if you’ve reached unemployment benefits in your state. This is just for your typical unemployment benefit and not the $600 kicker:
You separate the choice of having to work vs collecting unemployment.
Furloughed employees rather collect unemployment with the $600 federal kicker than go back to work. If your weekly benefit is (150+600)/40 then anything making $18.75 or less do better by not working. So, by July 25 when the $600 booster runs out, then the incentive is to go back to work.
Personally, I think they should let you collect unemployment (with or without additional $600 week) and let you go back to work. When your unemployment runs out, that’s it. You don’t get more until you contribute back into unemployment insurance. If you’re poor, you’ll spend it all on necessities anyway helping the crippled economy along.