What is the best way for me to “stake” BiblePay and earn BBP?

There are many ways to “stake” and “earn” BiblePay (BBP)

Absolutely free methods to earn BBP:


Methods that require BBP:

Masternode / Sanctuary

sanctuary (masternode). If you have 4.55M you can make your own sanctuary and you will get rewards daily. You can also go to foundation.biblepay.org and deposit a fraction of that get around 35% ROI right now. On average, sanctuary (masternode) holders are earning a little over 4,000 BBP per day. The fiat equivalent is about $0.75 USD per day.
The fractional sanctuary is here:

Dynamic Whale Staking

You can also do Dynamic Whale Staking (DWS). Best return currently is 22% (because of commited stakes) so fractional is still your best way to earn.

Methods that require BBP and computing power:

Proof of Distributed Computing (PoDC 2.0)

You can also earn BBP by performing science work with your computer. We partner with World Community Grid (WCG) to perform science related tasks such


Proof of Distributed Computing (PoDC) 2.0 Setup

Methods that require computing power only:

BiblePay BBP & XMR dual mining with weekly rewards

When you mine on the BiblePay foundation pool, when your BBP address shows up on the leaderboard, you can click on it for a Bible Quiz.
You search on Google for the KJV of the Bible Chapter. Then fill in the missing words to earn rewards.