What is the profitability of a BiblePay (BBP) masternode (sanctuary)?

BiblePay sanctuary (masternode) ROI

Currently, the sanctuary reward is a 1.7777 multiplier relative to a miner reward. A masternode (sanctuary) pays out better than Dynamic Whale Stake (DWS) currently. At current calculations, a 4.55M BBP masternode will earn about 2M BBP (~50% of stake) in one year. That could, of course, change depending on the mining difficulty which affects how much you will earn in a day. When mining difficulty goes up, payments go down. When mining difficulty goes down, payments go up.

The current masternode count is 145 so you would get paid about 1.4 times a day. A block day is 205 blocks, but the extraction rate has been closer to 215 so you end up getting payments more frequently.

With running a masternode, you should also consider the cost to host a VPS or if you use a shared masternode service the fees they charge. Fortunately, with BiblePay allows you to host multiple masternodes (sanctuaries) using the same IP address as long as they are on different ports. This will allow you to save on VPS costs and shared masternodes will have lower overhead due to this feature.

Dynamic Whale Staking (DWS)

Dynamic Whale Staking allows you to burn anywhere from 100 BBP to 1,000,000 BBP for 7 to 365 days. You can earn 20% APR for 7 day burns all the way up to 30% for burn staking for 1 year.

If you have 4.55M BBP to invest in a masternode (sanctuary) that will provide the better returns, but if you have less than that to invest, Dynamic Whale Staking (DWS) is an easy way to burn once and do nothing else. You don’t even have to keep your wallet running!


As of 10 Feb 2020, masternode (sanctuaries) are earning about 6k BBP per day which is a little under $2 USD per day. The amount of BBP earned per day is stable, but the USD price fluctuates based on the price of BTC/BBP trade pairs and other trading pairs.


For Proof of Work BBP miners, on a block day based on the extraction rate of over 205 blocks, miners are earning about 500k BBP as an aggregate with the USD value currently at $175. It was closer to $100-$125 last week, so the USD value is more volatile.

You can view updated spreadsheet charts any time.