BiblePay solo mining: wallet vs minerd (cpuminer)

Did you know that BiblePay allows you to solo mine directly from the wallet? Rob, the lead dev, has made many optimizations to increase the hash rate of the wallet miner. How does it stack up against an external cpu miner such as minerd? 1

According to Marty on Discord, he stated that 4 cores on wallet miner generated 22.8k kh/s

The external miner on the same CPU generates about 50 kh/s

He feels the external miner is superior and offers better performance.

The default setting in biblepay.conf will have minersleep=325 by default

After asking minersleep=0, he got a different result:

The mining rate went from 22.8kh/s to 36.5kh/s. Still the wallet miner seems to be ~75% efficient compared to bbpminer.

Below we have AMD FX-4100 quad core running on 3 threads.

External miner is reaching 51 kh/s on 3 out of 4 threads.

The wallet miner has reached 41.1 kh/s for 3 out of 4 threads.

The wallet miner is 80% efficient compared to the external miner.

Perhaps other users can chime in what their experience has been. Are you able to replicate the same results on your computer? Let me know and I’ll be happy to send you some BBP and share results on this page.

  1. Rob also modified pooler’s minerd — now called bppminer — to be compatible with the NOMP pool and biblepay wallet []