How active are the richest BiblePay holders?

BiblePay Rich List Active

Looking at the top 100 BiblePay rich list addresses, I wanted to see how active these addresses are. Thanks to the analytics available with the Chainz explorer, you can see for yourself the list of the addresses with the most BBP:!rich

What are the richest BiblePay wallet holders doing with their funds?

Most of them have created a sanctuary (masternode) and are earning BBP at least once a day. 1

Except maybe 5% that seem to be HODLers (defined as having more than 4.55M and not actively using the funds to earn more BBP) or lost wallets, 95% are overwhelmingly active and used their wallet in the last month.

B4T5ciTCkWauSqVAcVKy88ofjcSasUkSYU is the Dynamic Whale Stake address where people send funds to “burn” but eventually get back the same fund at a later period with some additional BBP.

The X-axis are the addresses and how much BBP they hold.

#1 BF6qmwBMmnmb4FbSmRGTeWQL1m3rwh5n7b 2
#2 BCLhowUKy8F7cAY8cSdKiwBvhN75WvYHfJ 2
#3 BLsMvLH1PHgrXq74EuhBWrwB9zo6TmKz6T 2
#4 BLoSEGRuaBAY5yDzSpWJDWfnigsgQqUsqu 3
#5 BBH41mAMfVE1cWwHX41mmG1aFBrdiknQyv 4

  1. There are 205 blocks in a BiblePay blockchain “day”[]
  2. randrews, lead developer [][][]
  3. CPK is hero []
  4. old time PoDC 1.0 miner? []