Sync between Chrome, Firefox, Brave, IE (Chromium)

I never thought there would be a book sync service after XMarks died. I have not tested extensively, but trying out EverSync. I was able to sync my bookmarks from Chrome to Brave without any hassle. I’m still figuring out how good it is at syncing changes, but for an initial sync, it worked out well. Of course, there’s always the manual export bookmarks from Chrome and import to Brave if you don’t want to involve a third-party, but adding the EverSync extension to both browsers can be a potential solution.

Since Brave and Microsoft’s new IE is built on Chromium, as long as you can get to the Chrome store, you can install the extension. It is straight forward with Brave but Microsoft makes it is a little more difficult. It is still possible to do.

Download links for EverSync

EverySync for Chrome

EverySync for FireFox

Update: Jan 2020 – Okay, so after having used the extension across multiple browsers, it does work to a degree. There’s no easy way to gracefully recover I found and lost whole swaths of bookmarks. Fortunately, I had a backup outside of the EverSync and was able to restore most of what I lost. The caveat with this extension (or really any software that performs merges and/or sync) can cause data loss sometimes. I recommend keeping a backup of the bookmarks and sync on demand rather than on a schedule. I haven’t delved into the situation deep enough to say EverSync is the cause of the data loss, but I will just say to be careful whenever you use bookmark syncing software.