What’s new in BiblePay since the last mandatory until

BiblePay – Leisure Upgrade

  •  Fix reindex process (MIP)1
  • Show correct maturity icon for superblock transactions in transaction list UI in QT2
  • Add exec register (this is to be explained in a future release) – for BMS
  • Add BIO URL for Cameroon One in listchildren3
  • Move sendgscc to a dedicated RPC command.4
  • Add ability to send a single GSC transmission sendgscc campaign_name donation_amt – this sends a specific GSC transmission.5
  • Add ability to send a customized foundation donation amount for POG: sendgscc POG donation_amount
  • Modify BiblePay miner to only send an automatic tithe if it is conceptually profitable. (The GSC creator will check the ROI, and only send the automatic tithe if the ROI > 0.01). Note: You may still forcefully send a tithe regardless of profitability with sendgscc6
  • Fix bug in PDS where BiblePay will forget a PDS value after one year (increased PDS storage duration to 7 years).7

BiblePay – Leisure Upgrade

– Fix OneClickMining initial crlf issue (Meaning that biblepay.conf will not be corrupted if user starts with one-click-mining config)
– Add Payment Option 4 for Cameroon-One, and fix BIO URL
– Apollon Integration for Deterministic Sancs: Add exec blscommand mnppriv blsprivkey
This allows the user to set the deterministic masternodeblsprivkey in the sanc biblepay.conf file.
NOTE: The EncryptAES256 and DecryptAES256 were added to support this feature (this is so no other node can discover your mnprivkey or your mnblsprivkey during transmission or initialization).
– Update Health feature for Sanctuaries only:
Set healthupdate=1 to enable, healthupdate=0 to disable,
default is Enabled on Sanctuaries only. If this is enabled, you will see your Sanctuaries health status
(IE Best Block Hash, GSC voting level) in the pool. This will be valuable when we host with Apollon.
– Disconnect nodes who ask for too much gov data
– Fix governance.dat bloated file size, on boot. Reindex governance.dat on boot if > 25 megs.
– Clean up GSC contract data after 1 day. Sanctuary Quorums: Vote to delete duplicate contracts.
– Decrease memory consumption (by purging gobject cache)
– Limit network bandwidth (by removing unecessary and expired govobjs) Upgrade

– Ensure de-bloating feature works on all platforms Upgrade

– Refine sanctuary voting for deleted objects > 1 day Op

– Import the 66 books of the CNVT (Chinese New Version Traditional) Bible
– Create Utility program that converts the CNVT to BiblePay-QT format (matching the same verse count as our KJV bible, verse for verse, chapter for chapter and book for book)
– Import cnv.cpp output of utility program; this will be useful for our devs to create the CNVT bible reader in QT. Upgrade

– Add Chinese Language Translations for BiblePay QT Bible Reader (Allows the user to read the CNV from the Read Bible Menu)
– Enhance ‘exec readverse’ to support both Chinese and English Upgrade

– Added ‘leaderboard (nickname || all) height’. This allows a user to see the exact reward breakdown per superblock height. It also allows anyone else to audit a breakdown per nickname. Upgrade

– Create dedicated command for ‘datalist’. Type ‘datalist objtype’ for the list (IE datalist prayer 7) to receive the last 7 days of prayers. Upgrade

– Create dedicated command for ‘getchildbalance’. The user may type ‘getchildbalance childid’. This shows the balance owed in USD for the child. Upgrade

– Added dedicated RPC command for ‘bookname short_book_name’ (Shows the long name corresponding to the book abbreviation).
– Added dedicated RPC command for ‘books’ (Shows the books of the bible). Upgrade

– Added dedicated RPC command: versionreport: Shows the software version running on the network by users ranked by percentage (over the last 205 blocks). Upgrade

– In GSC contract voter, remove unnecessary code, and additionally, clear the delete flag when voting yes (just in case). We will pick this up going forward for more resilience. Upgrade

– Added checkpoint at block 145,000
– Fix typo in ‘leaderboard’ help Upgrade

– Ensure ‘exec readverse’ defaults to English. (We plan on honoring the wallet language setting in the future).
– Add dedicated RPC command for ‘sins’. This shows the 39 mortal sins that could send a person to Hell. Upgrade

– Add dedicated RPC command for readverse: readverse book_name chapter language verse_number. Upgrade

– Add timestamp to last checkpoint
– Create report that analyzes old gobjects (for dev use) – allowing them to identify the source of high bandwidth usage

Update help text for sendgscc – removed exec to reflect latest version

BiblePay – Mandatory Upgrade for Entire Network

  • Increment Sanctuary (masternode) protocol version to enforce upgrade.
    • Enforce protocol version and peer version at block 148000
    • Enforce immediately
  • Add network monitor for use by developers to diagnose excessive bandwidth by message type
  • Add CheckGSCHealth – this lets the node check its GSC health once every 4 hours – if it fails it calls out for a gobject resync.
    • It also reassesses the chain (IE unwinds any forks) once every 4 hours. You can disable this with disablereassesschains=1 in the biblepay.conf
    • This is only necessary – optional – if you believe your node is down. Type exec gschealth8 to see the output.
    • Our primary tool is still exec health9 under normal circumstances; this shows the health of the GSC system.
  • Allow non-standard Sanctuary port numbers (based on outcome of sanctuary vote). This will allow us to create Sancs with nonstandard port numbers, and allow Apollon to use this if approved.
  • Added exec paycameroon childid amount dry10This allows you to pay cameroon one for a sponsored child. It automatically converts the USD rate for you and includes the ChildID-CPK-TXID on the CameroonONE payment information. Once you run it, then re-run it with authorize to complete the transaction. CameroonONE will see this payment on their reports.11
  • Add DDOS for non compliant nodes sending strange messages
  • Change syncing timeout for gobject to 60 seconds
  • Delete old GSC data in the delete thread (once every 5 mins); this removes approx 75% of old orphaned votes and decreases RAM usage and gobject file size

Note: Although most users will see an improvement in RAM and network usage in, the full impact for gobject propagation will appear at block 148,000. At this height, this version will become mandatory and all old nodes will drop off, thereby creating an environment that only shares the official gobjects (increasing QoS). Theoretically, our network utilization should drop by 70% after this height as nodes will not continually ask for objects repeatedly.

  1. While reindexing, do not mine and must have minimum number of peers []
  2. For generated transactions, determine maturity []
  3. https://biblepay.cameroonone.org/ + sChildID + .htm []
  4. sendgscc []
  5. command line sendgscc []
  6. profitable PoG tithing []
  7. from 1 year to 7 years []
  8. exec gschealth
  9. exec health
  10. exec paycameroon
  11. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2388064.msg52577091#msg52577091
    *** Cameroon One additional Payment option directly from the core wallet ***

    We already have about 12 children being sponsored in POOM.Now you can pay in BBP using a dedicated command!From the rpc type:

    exec paycameroon childid USD_AMOUNT test
    (Note: To find your childid, type listchildren).

    Specify the amount in USD, for example:
    exec paycameroon 123aaa 40 test

    The console will show you the amount in BBP (at the midpoint of our current market rate) that will be sent to Cameroon.
    If you authorize it, re-execute the command with “authorize” at the end:
    exec paycameroon 123aaa 40 authorize

    Cameroon will be able to run a report that shows the TXID and the ChildID and amount – this way they won’t have a problem matching up payments in BBP. []