How do I register an account on Tokok?

This post will show you all the steps to register an account on Tokok and make a successful deposit of BBP to the exchange.


  • Desktop/laptop computer
  • Phone
    • Smartphone (Android or iOS) that can download Google Authenticator
    • Or flip phone that can receive SMS (directions not shown)
  • Email address

Register account on Tokok 1

Go to

On the upper right, click on the English dropdown option. 2

On the upper right part of the screen, click on Sign up

At the Sign up screen, enter your:

  • Enter your e-mail
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Check yes to agree to Registration Agreement
  • Click on Sign up now button


Password generation may be hard to get past, but please be diligent.

Make sure you save your password and keep it handy you’ll need it to log into Tokok later.

Once you click on Sign up now with a good password, you will see this screen:

Slide the control from left to right.

You are sliding the control until you cover exactly the rainbow colored square.


If you passed the verification check, you will get a message to check your e-mail and activate the account.

Go to your e-mail and click on verification link from Tokok

That will take you back to the Tokok web site

Click login to

This will take you to a login screen. Enter the email and password you registered with earlier.

Remember I told you to keep your password handy?

If you logged in correctly, you will get a quick welcome in message and you are logged into Tokok.

You will see your e-mail in the upper right to indicate you are logged in successfully.

Tokok Exchange

Click on Exchange on the left side

After you click on Exchange, search for BBP.

Click on the Star to make it a favorite

Click on the BBP currently, and you will see the BBP/ETH pair

Going forward, you can make the current URL a favorite or bookmark, so you can go this URL directly

On the right side, you will see two set of colored numbers

The red is the asking (selling) price of BBP in ETH.

The green is the bid (buying) price of BBP in ETH.

If you want to see the USD equivalent of ETH, click on the USD Based option.

Invite Link

If you want to join Tokok, you can use my invite link:

Funds List

To see your BBP funds

click on Account Center

Funds List

In Search, type bbp

If you try to deposit BBP funds, you will get a message that want SMS or Google Authenticator (two factor authentication 2FA) enabled.

To deposit BBP, you need SMS or Google Authenticator (2FA)

To set up SMS or Google Authenticator, go to Account Center, Security Center, and pick SMS or Google Authenticator

In my example, I will set up Google Authenticator 2FA

Click Set up now for Google Authenticator

You will see this below

Make sure save the 16-bit key down in a safe place. This is your recovery key if you lose your phone. 

This is extremely important as you may not be able to deposit or withdraw funds without access to 2FA. 5

In the Google Authenticator app on iOS or Android, tape on + to add QR Code in Step 2

At the bottom there will be an option to Scan barcode

Take your phone and place the green box around the QR code on the desktop computer

Once you add the QR code in the smartphone, there will be a six digit number.

Enter this six digit number (while it is blue, not red) in Step 3 box

You will get a Google Authenticator successfully and you will see Google Authenticator set

After turning on 2FA, you can deposit BBP funds

Click on Deposit and you won’t get the message about setting 2FA (SMS or Google Authenticator)

Click on Get address to generate a deposit address

This is your deposit address

You can send BBP to this address and you can trade BBP for ETH at your leisure.

To withdraw BBP, the fee is 200 BBP

You can also withdraw BBP from Tokok, but it will cost you 200 BBP similar to CryptoBridge.

SouthXchange only charge you 0.1 BBP


  1. BiblePay (BBP) was listed on Tokok on Sep 17, 2019. The top traded crypto assets are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Tether USDT. They also have an interesting stablecoin pair with Gemini USD (GUSD) and Tether (USDT).[]
  2. The web page may seem like it did not change, but clicking on English does change the text in the Sign up page[]
  3. If your sign up page is in Chinese, you can on language on upper right and pick English
  4. You may have to try multiple times
  5. Note: If you have never set up 2FA before, I recommend installing LastPass Authenticator with LastPass. This allows you to recover your numbers even if you lose your smartphone for some reason and you also don’t have the recovery key in Step 2. Google Authenticator has no way to recover your added accounts.[]