BiblePay One Click Miner Configuration corrupts biblepay.conf

BiblePay One Click Miner Configuration still corrupts biblepay.conf

There was an issue where the One Click Miner configuration would not be written correctly, where the line ending was 0D 0D 0A (in hex). This confused the reading of the biblepay.conf which means the wallet could not read the file. This lead to all sorts of issue with solo mining, pool mining, or participating in any of the generic smart contracts. This issue was originally reported Aug 2018 when BiblePay was version 1.1.4.x. More than one year later, the feature is still broken. version leaves One Click Miner Configuration broken still

This was supposedly fixed in, but I just tried using from I tested on macOS for and there is only one 0D as the line ending which means it is fixed for Linux & macOS. Windows still seems to be an issue as of

I ran BiblePay Core once installed

Under Tools, select One Click Mining Configuration

Then you will be given a warning to acknowledge

This will create a new biblepay.conf in your Biblepay Core folder usually under %appdata%\..\Local

HxD freeware Hex Editor

Using the free HxD, I looked at biblepay.conf in Windows 10

Notice how after, you see that the hex is 0D 0D 0A.

A good biblepay.conf should only have 0D 0A as the line ending.

What are you options then?

  • After One Click Mining Configuration makes your file, use Notepad++ (freeware) to open biblepay.conf – then change file format to PC (CRLF)
  • Don’t use One Click Mining Configuration until this is fixed
  • Create your biblepay.conf manually and either type the settings manually or copy & paste from somewhere else
  • Use the One Click Mining Configuration, but edit out the extra 0D from the for each line and save the edited file.
  • Wait until this bug is addressed in a future Windows build

Whatever you do, the line ending should be 0D 0A. Extra 0D or 0A is undesirable.