Scaleway Bare Metal Servers AMD Epyc 7401P

Scaleway’s hourly rate is on par to’s spot instance rate

Last year, I wrote a comparison between and Google Computing. I was so impressed with AMD Epyc 7401P 24c/48t at packet.

I see that Scaleway also offers Bare Metal servers. The advantage is that scaleway offers an hourly rate that is on par to spot instance depending on the fiat conversion rate.

If you are an EU customer you likely pay VAT (value added tax) but if you are from the USA, you have the benefit of an hourly instance where you storage is permanent rather than ephemeral.

I found the provisioning of Ubuntu 18 at Scaleway to be much faster than packet.

If you have a need for a bare metal server in France or Western Europe in general, give scaleway a visit and see if they meet your requirements.