How do we sponsor CameroonONE orphans using BiblePay?

How do we sponsor CameroonONE children using BiblePay? 1

You can be a sponsor for CameroonONE orphans using BiblePay, Credit Card, PayPal or Check.

BiblePay (BBP)

If you want to pay in BBP, you can send the BiblePay (BBP) to CameroonONE’s wallet at BHRiFZYUpHj2r3gxw7pHyvByTUk1dGb8vz then e-mail Todd Justin at CameroonONE with the child ID. In the next release, the BiblePay (BBP) wallet will simplify this process for payment to CameroonONE.

But first, you must register with BiblePay before you send payment:

How do I know how much BBP to send?

After your authorize the sponsorship of a child, you can make payment via BBP.

Update: Revised instructions here:

Go to Tools, Debug Console

Type: listchildren

The child ID you send to Todd will be here:


Type: exec price

Divided 40 with the cur_price value to figure out how much BBP to send Todd

$40 USD / 0.00046 = 86,956 2

  1. Send calculated amount of BBP (e.g. 86,956 BBP) to BHRiFZYUpHj2r3gxw7pHyvByTUk1dGb8vz
  2. Send e-mail to Todd @ CameroonONE with the child ID separately

Credit Card (via Global Giving)

Go to

On the donation sidebar, Click on Donate monthly

Enter $40

Click on right chevron next to Other amount

You can optionally, select “I do not wish to amplify” in the dropdown

If you are paying by credit or debit card, enter you details on the right hand side

Fill in your Full Name, Email, Password

Enter Card Number, MM/YY and CVV Code

The “Please enter a valid name and email address” will change to “Complete $40.00 donation”

Click the Complete button to submit the transaction

If you submitted payment successfully, you should see a screen like this:

You should receive a separate e-mail from CameroonONE within one business day or two verifying your payment.

It might still take a day or two for your listchildren value to go from -999 to 40 to 0 3


Enter $40.00 and click Next

Log into your PayPal account

Confirm you are paying $40.00 USD

In the Add Notes section, include the Child ID from the listchildren you ran earlier

Scroll further down the payment page and click on Send Payment Now


Send check or money order of $40 or more to:

28 Hawthorne Street, Unit 1
Boston, MA 02119


After you wait 1 business day after sending electronic payment (or 5 business days if sending a check), you should see your balance increase under listchildren

The value should change from a negative value (e.g. -999) to forty (40) or zero (0). Balance of zero (0) is your obligation for the month. The leaderboard in BiblePay may show you with points, but it may take 24-48 hours for your BiblePay rewards to become active. More details here:

The amount list in your issue is your amount you owe for that month.

So -999 is for a sponsor hold,

40 means that you have yet to pay or payment is not processed by CameroonONE

And, 0 means that you are all settled for the month.

Is there a delay is receiving POOM rewards in the BiblePay wallet after sponsoring a CameroonONE child?

Rob (BiblePay dev) said:

CameroonOne is the Boston branch that focuses on the Cameroon-Africa children (where Hilary and Todd works), but they are owned by OneTrack Intl.
From what I understand when we ask for a new child to be sponsored, Todd reaches out to One Track and they provide the new child.

With the multiple layers of coordination, you can see with time zone differences it can take a few days if not a week to get everything set up.

If we are unable to sponsor our CameroonONE orphan, what happens to the child?

Reply from Anna Cavalowsky with CameroonONE:

Yes, we have a contingency. If for some reason you are unable to continue your POOM sponsorship, the student will be transferred to the next POOM donor. If there is a gap, then other non-BiblePay funds will support the student. We are dedicated to ensuring all children remain in our program.
Regarding the children‘s age, it varies depending on the specific child. We do our best to give POOM donors the younger ages so you can have a long-term relationship with maximum impact. The children remain in school until age 18. 
With children, you want to be mindful and careful that they have a stable and continuously nurturing environment.
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  2. Rob Andrews, lead dev of BiblePay has also stated using the “mid-point” from Coin Market Cap. Perhaps we means the average using the values of open, high, low, close?[]
  3. -999 (child not provisioned yet)
    40 ($40 USD due for child) to
    0 (all paid up for the month).[]