BiblePay partners with CameroonONE to sponsor orphans through the BiblePay crypto wallet 

On 5 Sep 2019, BiblePay is kicking off a partnership with CameroonONE to allow sponsorship of “orphans” using the BiblePay crypto wallet. Along with paying for sponsorship via BiblePay (BBP), you can also donate using traditional fiat means such as credit card or PayPal. The program is called Proof of Orphan Mining (POOM)1. With POOM, you can sponsor a child directly with CameroonONE (they are 501(c)(3) non-profit charity). This personal sponsorship will reward BiblePay points in the POOM campaign within the BiblePay crypto wallet. This means that you will receive the BBP equivalent of $1.33 USD per day for sponsoring one child ($1.33 x 30 days = ~$40 USD).

Steps to sponsor a child:

  1. Go to Tools, Debug Console
  2. First ensure you already have a Christian Public Key (CPK). If you do not have a CPK, type:
    exec cpk your_nickname

    You may have to wait until the transaction confirms (6 blocks x 7 minutes = 43 minutes) before the next step is successful.

  3. To join the CameroonONE campaign, type:
    exec join cameroon-one
  4. Afterwards, from the core BBP wallet (in debug console) type. That will explain your next steps.
  5. WARNING: Afterwards, type the following:
    sponsorchild authorize

    WARNING: A 50,000 BBP transaction will be sent to the orphan sponsorship fund once you type sponsorchild authorize. The 50,000 BBP fee is a deterrent to keep people from sponsoring children they do not intend to pay for.

  6. You will receive a 6 character child ID. Follow the instructions on the screen to know how to pay the monthly sponsorship fee (BiblePay BBP, PayPal, GlobalGiving Credit Card, or check). If you want to pay in BBP, you can send the BBP to Cameroons wallet at BHRiFZYUpHj2r3gxw7pHyvByTUk1dGb8vz then e-mail Todd Justin at CameroonONE with the child ID. In the next release, the BiblePay wallet will offer simplify this process for payment to CameroonONE.
  7. To see the status of your child, type :

    It may take up to 7 days for Cameroon to match a child for you. In the meantime, you can send a payment and pre-pay for as many months as you want (just remember to include the BBP Child ID with your payment). While CameroonONE is looking for a child, the wallet will say “Not Provisioned”. Once they find you a child, the balance will change to 0. Once your payment is accepted by CameroonONE, your balance will become a credit balance. You will also receive a personal Bio URL for your child (it will appear in the listchildren output).

    The value will change from a negative value (e.g. -999) to zero or higher. Once payment to CameroonONE is received and verified, balance will be at 0, until they match you with a child. Once a child is matched with you (may take up to one week), your balance should reflect your prepaid donation amount in US Dollars ($ USD).  The leaderboard in BiblePay may show you with points, but it may take 24 hours for your BiblePay rewards to become active. More details here:

The currently cap for CameroonONE emissions is the number of children sponsored * 1.33 per day (in USD). You may sponsor more than one child. If more children are sponsored than the BBP allocated budget (at $1.33/day) each sponsor will receive a percentage of the budget (something less than $1.33/day).

Yes, keep your wallet running and “mining”

It is important that you either:

  1. leave your miner running on one thread each day. In your biblepay.conf, you should have at least the following:

    If you want to tax your computer less, you can increase the minersleep value to something higher such as 999.

  2. Alternatively, you can type the following in the debug console once per day:
    sendgscc cameroon-one

Either step is acceptable to be counted as a daily Proof of Orphan Mining (PoOM) participant. If you miss a day you will miss out on the BBP equivalent of $1.33 USD reward for that day only.


About CameroonONE

CameroonONE is a US-based charity organization that practices Transition to Home orphan-care in Cameroon by providing an education and home to parentless children within their communities of birth. More details about in-home sponsorship.34

About BiblePay

BiblePay is a Christian Charity Cryptocurrency where only 5.2 billion BBP coins will ever be created! 10% of coins go directly to charity, sponsoring orphans. CPU only mining allows anyone with a wallet to mine coins! Bible verses  are coded into the blockchain.

  1. For further technical reading, go BiblePay Wiki about POOM []
  2. It may take at least 1 block confirmation before listchildren gives you a Child ID. []
  3. retrieved from GlobalGiving Promoting Transition to Home Orphan-Care! page []
  4. Microsoft Word document about in-house sponsorship here. DOCX format requires Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or LibreOffice to open []