2019 Holiday Gift Drive Results — 0.0424 BTC ($305 USD)

Thanks to the generosity of the BiblePay community for the 2019 holiday gift drive, we were able to collect 1.44M BBP and $100 USD.

That converted to 0.0424 BTC ($305 USD) and sent to the two charities for the children’s holiday party.

Thanks to everyone for their generous hearts and a desire to give anonymously without expecting anything back.

Letter to the children

Collection Summary

CameroonONE gave us range of $5-$10 per child. I kept it simple at $7 for all charities to match Kairos.

CameroonONE 49 kids + Kairos 20 kids = 69 kids.

1.44M BBP sold = 0.02858020 BTC,
$100 fiat donation = 0.01383629 BTC

Total BTC collected 0.04241649 BTC

CameroonONE 49 kids = 0.030121855 BTC ($216.81 USD)

Kairos 20 kids = 0.01229463 BTC ($88.42 USD)

CameroonONE Christmas Party (Dec 2019) 1

Kairos Christmas Party (Dec 2019)2

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[…] note: funds were moved on 12/7/19 to SouthXchange to liquidate 1.44M. Sending BTC to CoinBase and will distribute once we get the fiat converted to BTC and split with CameroonONE and Kairos. We raised 0.0424 BTC ($305 USD) and sent the funds to the charities. […]