BiblePay eCommerce plugin for WooCommerce

BiblePay continues to support use cases that increase the utility of the coin.

There is a proposal for a WooCommerce payment gateway for BiblePay

Proposal summary

The object of proposal is BiblePay Woocommerce plugin which allows merchants to accept payments in BBP currency. BiblePay Woocommerce plugin is a lightweight payment processor which doesn’t require any connection with server/wallet or any other service. Merchant integration is quick and easy (under 30 seconds). Merchants can receive payments in any wallet, desktop, mobile, paper. Payments are received directly, in full amount, without any middleman service and fees. Plugin is fully automated, and doesn’t require users to manually paste transaction id after payment. Plugin provides QR code, for easy mobile payments.

Allowing businesses to use this innovative payment gateway, without deep technical know-how, provides a great use case for BiblePay project and a huge step forward to acceptance of BiblePay as a payment currency and global adoption. The amount asked for in the proposal is 3M BBP (~400 USD at the time the proposal was written).

Proposal/plugin features:

  • Fully automated, public API based, payment verification
  • Quick merchant setup (no registration to any service required). PDF installation guide included
  • No middle man service or fees (merchants receive 100% of payment)
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • QR code for payments
  • 6 months of priority support and updates

Plugin technical details:

BiblePay Woocommerce Plugin is a lightweight payment processor specifically developed for the WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform, powering over 28% of e-commerce websites – data from 2019. The plugin does not require any connection to the server/wallet or registration on any service.

In that sense, the plugin is decentralized. Payments are sent directly to merchant wallet. Payment verification is handled using the BiblePay explorer, over a dedicated API. Dedicated API, that comes with the plugin, is used to verify the payments and fetch information about the price. The price information is received from CoinGecko API. Plugin supports all fiat currencies supported by CoinGecko, over 40 fiat currencies (USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, SGD, JPY, and more), allowing merchants to run web shops in various currencies.

The API can be used for any other future plugins or custom payment verifications. Having a dedicated API eliminates the need for frequent plugin updates which is extremely beneficial for merchants. Being a lightweight payment processor, all payments are verified without disclosing any personal
information, using only public information from the BiblePay explorer, without the need for wallet/server connection, which is extremely beneficial for security.

Merchant integration is done under 30 seconds, in a very straightforward process, simply by uploading plugin files inside the WordPress admin interface. Merchants have the options to customize the messaging and options regarding the payment verification.

Settings are already predefined to optimal, merchant only needs to add a payment address and he is ready to start receiving payments! Plugin works in combination with other payment plugins/options and does not limit the merchant in any way. On checkout page, user needs to select the “BiblePay Cryptocurrency Payment“ among the provided payment options and place the order, after which he will be redirected to the payment page.

The BiblePay Woocommerce plugin is already developed and ready to use. As soon as the proposal is accepted, the plugin will be available to BiblePay community.

Test the plugin

To test the plugin in action, visit the following demo shop and try out a purchase of the test product:

On Checkout page, user is presented with order and payment details. The exchange rate gets locked, and market fluctuations do not have any effect on payment verification. User can easily copy the payment amount and address, using the copy buttons, and perform payment quickly. Once the payment is made, the plugin will automatically detect it, and once the set amount of confirmations is made, the order will be successfully paid. Payment detection does not stop, even if user refreshes the payment page.

For merchant ease of use, only 1 payment address is needed. The plugin is able to detect, and differentiate payments with the same fiat amount, by creating the unique payment amounts for various orders. For example, if two users bought an article at $0.1 USD, at the same time, one user will pay
797.82992 BBP, while another user will pay 797.82994 BBP, with a minimal difference on 5th decimal point, making the payment the same, but unique, for easy detection. QR code serves for easy mobile payments, and in combination with automatic payment verification, users don’t have to copy the transaction id, as with some other plugins on the market, making the purchase effortless.

Thank you for considering funding of this proposal!

Potential Use Cases for eCommerce Plugin

Sun said:

What do you guys think if the children we support made digital products that you purchase online with BBP? It could be a digital product like a drawing that are scanned and posted online. You buy them on a web store and the BBP goes directly to that community?

There’s a production proposal for a WooCommerce ecommerce plugin for BBP:

Besides Subway Gift cards, some ideas to sell products with BBP would be good. Tangible products like Bibles and gift cards are fine, but it does limit the market or the shipping costs are prohibitively expensive unless we can find a local source to ship products somehow (ship BiblePay from a local person to local person).

capulo replied:

mmm nice idea, but we should discuss what will be better. if one time buy, or items can be sell many times to different buyers, or some auction, or if price will be fixed or some minimum specified or free will …

Sun replied:

capulo — good question. Also therogue mentioned the same idea. if items are recurring (service, music, video), you can keep the item in the store with multiple quantities. i was initially thinking scans of drawings, poems, etc  but I suppose even those can be sold multiple times. for now, if we keep it digital there isn’t too much logistics involved with shipping.

Rob replied:

This is a pretty cool idea, for example having one of our children make artwork for a cup or something.
But its not clear how we would distribute the sales price back to each constituent.  And what would the child get?  Maybe a bonus reward?

Yes I plan on voting for that woocommerce plugin.  But to be clear, I would be seeking other members of the community to make the production product sales site – for whatever they feel they want to sell – as I feel I will be pretty busy working on the new punch items in Q1 2020, so we would want someone to step up who has PHP experience, storefront beta or at least minimum experience or zeal and write the code and make it their baby and their site.

Sun said:

thanks for intention to vote yeson the proposal. hopefully, its just a matter of installing wordpress, woocommerce plugin, the biblepay plugin, and you can build a store from there. i ran an ecommerce business for 10 years many eons ago, so I think I can handle one store. I found a good host for wordpress and it is costing me $14/yr. My domain registration cost more! So, on the low end, I think $3/mo is possible for share host and domain registration cost.

I was thinking one store per charity/community. Whatever items are paid for with BBP, the BBP goes to community on a monthly basis. if we forward a earnings statement to the community on a monthly basis, the child’s “bonus” is recognition for their work. I’ll have to defer to CameroonONE and Kairos on the cultural norms for competition and entrepreneurship. It is an interesting idea that merits more discussion. Let’s keep the idea on the backburner for now…

WooCommerce BiblePay plugin commentary

The block time is stated for 7 minutes, but can range anywhere from 1 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the miner. This makes the 15 minute window to confirm a payment (1 out of 6 confirmations) difficult sometimes. This is more apparent when difficulty is over 100k and miners have a difficult time solving a high difficulty number via CPU mining.