BiblePay is now listed on Graviex exchange.

In April 2018, MIP suggested an exchange listing on Graviex. After over 18 months later, BiblePay is listed on Graviex. The anonymous donor paid for all costs to be listed on Graviex. BiblePay goes live on Graviex on Christmas right after the next mandatory upgrade of (Dec 25, 2019)

To sign up for a Graviex account, click on the Graviex link here.



Looks like BiblePay got listed on Graviex early:

All trading pairs are as follows:


Tweet by Graviex:

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is required to deposit funds

Please note that although Bitcoin decimal is up to 8 places, Graviex allows up to 9 decimal digits. Please take extreme caution when trading and know the difference between 1 satoshi (8 decimal places) and 0.1 satoshi (9 decimal places)


Graviex wallet list: (Good way to see if BiblePay wallet’s top height or exchange wallet status)

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