2019 Holiday Gift Drive Results — 0.0424 BTC ($305 USD)

Thanks to the generosity of the BiblePay community for the 2019 holiday gift drive, we were able to collect 1.44M BBP and $100 USD.

That converted to 0.0424 BTC ($305 USD) and sent to the two charities for the children’s holiday party.

Thanks to everyone for their generous hearts and a desire to give anonymously without expecting anything back.

Letter to the children

Collection Summary

CameroonONE gave us range of $5-$10 per child. I kept it simple at $7 for all charities to match Kairos.

CameroonONE 49 kids + Kairos 20 kids = 69 kids.

1.44M BBP sold = 0.02858020 BTC,
$100 fiat donation = 0.01383629 BTC

Total BTC collected 0.04241649 BTC

CameroonONE 49 kids = 0.030121855 BTC ($216.81 USD)

Kairos 20 kids = 0.01229463 BTC ($88.42 USD)

CameroonONE Christmas Party (Dec 2019)1

Kairos Christmas Party (Dec 2019)((https://twitter.com/kairoscf))

Sell on SouthXchange

1.44M BBP was collected and sent to SouthXchange to sell for 2 sat BTC.

Withdraw BTC to Coinbase

BBP was sold and withdrawn to Coinbase Pro account

Coinbase stated BTC was supposed to be received.


0.0258 BTC deposited.

Send BTC to CameroonONE and Kairos

$100 fiat sold and converted to 0.0138 BTC

First withdrawal was sent to CameroonONE

Second withadrawl was sent to Kairos

  1. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2388064.msg53445755#msg53445755 []