2019 Donate Holiday Gifts for CameroonONE and Kairos children

BiblePay currently supports a number of charities. Two charities we work closely with are CameroonONE and Kairos. Below is a community driven effort to give holiday gifts to the children of CameroonONE (Africa) and Kairos (Philippines).

Holiday gifts for children

I’m convicted to help the poor children in the two charities, CameroonONE and Kairos, with holiday gifts. I’m sure the kids need food, clothing, and shelter, but they also need love. What kid doesn’t want to be shown they matter and being doted over by strangers? Let’s reach out to the BiblePay (BBP) community and crypto community in general to help. I emailed Todd @ CameroonOne and Andrew @ Kairos and they are both open to the idea. They prepare an annual holiday party and that’s a perfect time to show our love for these children. They will take our donations and purchase gifts from the local businesses. This way, we help the local economy as well as the children.

I wanted to include a “card”, but seeing how we are global, let’s attempt a digital card. Even if you don’t give financially, your encouraging words (a short greeting, a Bible verse, a doodle, etc) is welcome:


The “digital card” will be forwarded with the funds we raise.

Target is is $365 USD or more.

At current BBP prices, that is about 1.7M BBP.

Statement from CameroonONE and Kairos

I spoke to Todd @ CameroonONE and Andrew Scribner @ Kairos.

CameroonONE: 49 kids @ $5-10 each for the holiday gift/toy/party. $245 to $490

So, between POOM and the other children that BiblePay has been sponsoring, there are currently 49 orphans sponsored by BiblePay. The village is near a relatively large town with markets and so our field team can have access to any number of gifts for the children; it sort of depends on the level of gift that we want to provide. We can allocate $5/child and get a small gift for everyone or $10/child and get a more significant gift.
That said, there are many orphaned children and displaced children living in the village, so if there are excess funds then we can always put it toward the Christmas party that they all attend.

Kairos: 20 kids @ $7 each. So far they’ve raised $20, so need $120 to reach the target. That’s for gifts and a fun party.

there are 20 kids sponsored by BiblePay and I’m estimating $7 each. So far we’ve raised $20 so we need about $120 to reach the target. That’s gifts for them and a fun party.

Letters from the Kairos Children (Nov 2019)

Donation methods

You can send BBP to the following address: B8xdiFbpzLrdg8WWX5DMfTznZ1ww3KwPLk

Total balance collected thus far:

note: funds were moved on 12/7/19 to SouthXchange to liquidate 1.44M. Sending BTC to CoinBase and will distribute once we get the fiat converted to BTC and split with CameroonONE and Kairos. We raised 0.0424 BTC ($305 USD) and sent the funds to the charities.

You can also donate crypto via Coinbase Commerce.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin (stablecoin)

Although there is a processing fee for accepting credit card, I will pay for any processing fee and forward what you donate to the charity.