Should BiblePay Proof of Distributed Computing (PoDC) 2.0 whitelist teams (GRC, OByte)?

Thor Challenge

More than one year ago (Oct 2018), I participated in team BiblePay in the Thor Challenge. The team captain, Rob, joined the challenge and everyone “crunched” for team BiblePay. Only the top teams are invited back to the next challenge. Every week, BiblePay ranked in the top 1 or 2 of each weekly challenge. Unfortunately, at the finals OByte was the final winner with BiblePay being a distant second. OByte won with almost double the “crunching” time.

THOR Challenge 2018 Y3-W2 (BiblePay, Rank 1, Crunched 170 years)

THOR Challenge 2018 Y3-W3 (BiblePay, Rank 2, Crunched 158 years)

THOR Challenge 2018 Y3-W4 (BiblePay, Rank 2, Crunched 152 years)((OByte (ByteBall) Rank 1, Crunched 295 years))

The 2019 THOR Challenge ended with the following ranking:

1st place: OByte (306 years)
2nd place: Gridcoin (121 years)
3rd place: SETI.USA (15 years)

There is now a BiblePay proposal to reinstate Proof of Distributed Computing (PoDC 2.0). You can earn BiblePay (BBP) with RAC (recent average credit) which you earn by crunching World Community Grid (WCG) tasks using your CPU only. When BiblePay was involved with BOINC, 616westwarmoth valiantly crunched for BiblePay. These ranking give teams bragging rights and visibility to the BOINC community and Internet at large.

shorty34 said:

I agree it is good marketing, at least in the scientific community, when your team is among top 3.

I am not sure that would happen to BiblePay, if team Gridcoin is whitelisted under PoDC 2.0. Gridcoiners will simply stake to get BBP, and WCG points will go to team GRC.

Whitelist other teams?

With PoDC 2.0, what is the benefit of whitelisting GridCoin (GRC)? Last time BiblePay paid for BOINC RAC, grcpool miners opted to automate selling of BBP for GRC. So, other than bgb (grcpool pool owner) staking the required BBP to get 100% payment on grcpool, what is the the long-term benefit? If you add grcpool, grcpool-2, and grcpool-3 to the list that gets paid BBP, it would be like inviting a RAC whale in. With their current RAC numbers for WCG, they would need to stake 33.7M BBP assuming the stake requirement per RAC is ^1.3.

grcpool-1 240,013 RAC for WCG ^1.3 =  9,869,728 BBP
grcpool-2 243,870 RAC for WCG ^1.3 = 10,076,411 BBP
grcpool-3 310,788 RAC for WCG ^1.3 = 13,810,312 BBPTotal BBP stake required: 33,756,452 (33.7M BBP)BBPTotal RAC: 794,671
grcpool-1 240,013 RAC for WCG ^1.6 = 405,859,414 BBP
grcpool-2 243,870 RAC for WCG ^1.6 = 416,345,049 BBP
grcpool-3 310,788 RAC for WCG ^1.6 = 613,681,154 BBPTotal BBP stake required: 1,435,885,617 BBP (1.4B BBP)Total RAC: 794,671

Vote for staking requirements on different  BOINC teams

There’s currently a poll to see what the staking requirements for GridCoin should be for BiblePay’s for BiblePay Proof of Distributed Computing (PoDC 2.0):

Vote Here: PoDC Team Requirements

Current suggestion for GRC team is ^1.6 BBP per RAC.
For team BiblePay, stake requirement is currently voting in at ^1.3 per RAC.

For example:

Team BiblePay: 10k RAC (^1.3) =   158 489 BBP stake required
Team GridCoin: 10k RAC (^1.6) = 2 511 886 BBP stake required

Anyone is welcome to voice their opinion, but registration on the forum is required.
DM for the link if you’re interested.

Also consider other teams that could potentially interact with PoDC 2.0 such as CharityEngine,, resistance, etc.

GridCoin plans to whitelist all teams

GridCoin plans to whitelist all teams based on future version (Fern update):

Implement local dynamic team requirement removal and whitelist #1502

Refactor hash Boinc for binary claim contexts #1558

When GridCoin releases an updated version, there is even less incentive for BiblePay to whitelist teams of any sort. GridCoin is well known in the BOINC community, so it seems like a good move for them to further invite other BOINC projects and teams to GridCoin.

The counter argument for BiblePay to whitelist all teams is the ^1.6 stake requirement. If you require BBP to be staked to earn rewards, does a team requirement really make sense? The incentive to join team BiblePay means you stake less. There are many BOINC participants that are loyal to their team as long-time members, captains, etc. Why exclude these individuals when they can participate in BiblePay’s growth and membership?

BiblePay’s mission in crypto or BOINC?

BiblePay is less known and has a specific mission to forward Christian values and not necessarily science specific tasks. BiblePay has found synergy with World Community Grid (WCG) on some projects dealing with children and cancer research (healing).((GridCoin is more inclusive of the entire BOINC community and has a great group of devs and community backing it. Many are generous in their time and money. It seems BiblePay has not found its value and purpose fully in the crypto nor BOINC community.))

If your interests are aligned with BiblePay (or just want to earn BiblePay crypto), feel free to join team BiblePay and participate in BOINC projects:

Africa Rainfall Project

Smash Childhood Cancer

Mapping Cancer Markers