Q&A w/ Andreas Edler BiblePay community member

I first met Andreas on Twitter as he asked about macOS binary for a recent BiblePay-QT wallet version. I had never met another macOS user of BiblePay-QT and wanted to talk to Andreas more.

Hello Andreas. I know you are a very busy person. Thanks for your interest in BiblePay and taking the time to speak to me.

Sure, I’m open to this. Though I’m not deeply into $BBP yet. I’m just running a small GPU miner, a few CPU miners, am interested in Blockchain technology, and most importantly, I guess, I’m a Believer in Jesus Christ.

What country are you from? What do you like about your country?

I’m from Germany, living in Northern Germany but working in the South. I like the direct approach to things, people and opinions here. 😉

Where have you been in your life?

Additionally to my home country Germany I have lived and worked in England, UK, for four and a half years.

What are you doing now? What do you do in real-life? Hobbies?

I’m an IT infrastructure engineer and DevOps architect. Working via my own limited company as an External for a large Telco at the moment. The job most of the time also is my hobby — in other words I’m very lucky to actually be paid for pursuing my hobby. 😉

What was your first introduction to crypto currency or technology?

I was introduced to blockchain technology in mid-2017 as an experienced Linux engineer when friends wanted to set up GPU mining but got stuck a bit. I helped them with the miner, but was questioning the use case of the whole technology at that point still. Later, friends discovered masternodes, and together we were analysing projects for a good investment.

A friend actually has introduced me to BBP. I’m not sure, though, if he is still using BBP or running the BBP miner.

From this point my fascination for the blockchain technology started, and I learned about the various aspects of the technologies. Now I’m running a tiny GPU miner cooled with local groundwater, and several masternodes of a few less-expensive coins.

How did you find out about BiblePay?

Biblepay was on our list of these masternodes, but at that point in time we deemed as too complicated. That’s been long before the BBP Evolution upgrade. Since then the project was not on focus any more at all, but just lately I’ve come across a tweet about Biblepay which got me trying it out.

What do you like about the BiblePay project? Is there anything unique about it?

I like that BiblePay actually has a real purpose. Furthermore, I like that the Word, the Bible, is actually used for creating new blocks. The technology as such, though, primarily is just a clone of Bitcoin/Dash.

What would you suggest to help BiblePay improve or grow?

I think uniting in seeking spiritual inspiration is essential.

The coin needs more real-world utilization, application. The Purpose alone, supporting orphans, is not sufficient. Additional use-cases are required. BiblePay needs a real use-case, other than being a (digital) currency, a smart-contract platform, a distributed-ledger, or whatever other goal, technical or disruptive, the other blockchains or cryptos have.  Mining alone, masternodes (sanctuaries), and some PoG, is not really improving adoption of use, in my opinion. With thousands of coins and tokens out in the wild, it’s pretty difficult to have your own USP (unique selling point).

Furthermore, there are too many changes to the coin in too short of a time, and many of them are not even communicated about prominently and consistently (i.e. not on all, only some: Medium, Discord, Twitter, Website). As a user, I’m currently pretty lost what’s the latest state of the project. 1

Have you considered sponsoring orphans?

I was sponsoring an orphan long ago when I myself was still a child. Once that child grew up, I haven’t looked again since then though. Currently, I’m sponsoring someone else. Adopting children myself has never been an option since my “lifestyle” — my work schedule is consistent travelling — would not provide a stable home.

What have you learned in life?

I learned in life that God has created us in His image: He created us as Creators. We’re not created to sit, wait, and ask (pray) for directions. We’re created to set directions, and to be humble to allow corrections ourselves. Then, after we started walking in His image, He will reveal His will to us.

Another thing that I learned is that work is never about the amount of time spent on something, but about the result. Efficiency is not valued by everyone, though. Still, my goal is work-smart, rather than work-hard. 😉

Also I learned, as a German during my time living in the UK, that cultural differences can be huge, and I discovered that there are many even within Germany, and that the aspects of them have both pros and cons. For example, I like that in Germany honesty is commonly more valued over politeness, but on the other hand, I have appreciated the general social politeness in England some of which is lacking here in Germany.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Do you have a testimony to share about how Jesus Christ changed your life?

As you can read from, yes, I do believe in Jesus Christ. He is the One who came to set free the whole creation, and who has the community of His Followers to continue.

Where are you going next?

My next goal is to support and work for companies that have the purpose of setting All Creature free according to Jesus’ commandment to His Followers. Together with some friends, we’re on our way to finding and defining this purpose at the moment.

Thank you Andreas for your time! 2

  1. My opinion: Yes, newcomers and veterans say the same thing about the constant changes. I think a dev/technologist may think new features will be be the secret recipe for success without giving current features enough marketing support and help it grow. I think some of the current features are good and need more refinement. If you constantly change features, all the marketing efforts, documentation, etc just die off and lose you all momentum.[]
  2. Andreas EdlerDipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker (FH), Consultant for IT/Web Infrastructure. DevOps, IT-Delivery, IT-Operations. Internet industry for 20+ years.

    Niedersachsen, Germany