How do I join or change teams in World Community Grid (WCG)?

We encourage you to join the BiblePay team!

I already have an World Community Grid (WCG)account:

  • If you already participate in the World Community Grid, all you need to is join team BiblePay by clicking on the web address below. This will take you to the join team BiblePaypage.

I need to sign up for a World Community Grid account:

  • If you have not yet joined World Community Grid, then click on the link below to register. Team BiblePay will automatically be selected after you create an account. You still need to download, the World Community Grid software (called BOINC), and log in to the World Community Grid (WCG) project.

Alternative Steps (manual method):

These are the manual steps if you do not have the links above handy, or want to join a different team.

World Community Grid (WCG) interface is slightly different from the other BOINC sites I’ve used (e.g. Rosetta@Home, SETI@Home).

  • Once signed up, login. The login screen is different. Instead of your user name, they want your full e-mail address.

If you are not under the My Contribution tab, make sure you click on it first.

Click on My Team

Then click on Find a Team

Type biblepay in Contains field and click Search

Click on Team BiblePay

Click Join Team

You should see this message when you Join Team

My Team

You have successfully been added to the team.

As the member of a team, you can opt-in to receive E-mails from the captain of your team. Just go to the My Profile page, and check the box for Team E-mail. You can opt-out at any time.

What is BiblePay?

BiblePay is a secure deflationary blockchain developed to benefit those in distress. We have a compassionate team dedicated to helping others, and we are also focused on helping cure cancer. 10% of the emission of the blockchain goes directly to sponsoring Orphans, with provable contributions, contributed to an organization ( that is more than 75% efficient.