I downloaded the Biblepay wallet but it doesn’t sync, why?

When you download the BiblePay wallet, it will try to seek out peers automatically for you.

Sometimes depending on your network setup, it may be more difficult to connect to peers.

You can turn on universal PnP which may help you find peers.

In Settings, Options

Try turning on Map port using UPnP and Allow incoming connections

Restart the wallet

After you restart the wallet, look under Tools, Debug

Then under Info tab you will see number of peers. A growing number there is good

Next is to check if block height increasing from 0 is happening.

Depending on your computer and network conditions, you should sync in under a hour.

non-SSD hard drive, poor network conditions & speed, or computer older than 5 year can all lead to longer sync times.

Good luck!



For Linux, you can add for biblepay.conf