Lynx in-wallet mining vs minerd comparison

Mining Lynx with minerd

I mined with minerd on the PC . Hashrate is more efficient using scrypt miner than the in-wallet miner. Still, the amount of energy you spend to mine 10k blocks is not profitable. I don’t recommend it as there are more “profitable” coins if you want to CPU mine. This was just a hypothetical exercise on whether you could CPU mine scrypt algorithm. After Rule 3 of Hybrid Proof of Work (HPoW) went live, I’m happy to see extraction rates did not go past 3% according to chainz explorer. This shows the diversity of the network and no single miner can expect to dominate the mining scene even with a hardware advantage (CPU, GPU, nor ASIC).

This shows that mining to profit and diversification of miners does provide a truly decentralized network and a form of blockchain security that Bitcoin and Litecoin wish they had.

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