In 1991, came up with the distributed ledger concept.

I recommend you listen to the CryptoVoices podcast about They came up with the distributed ledger technology (DLT) concept in 1991 . They opine that there are simpler and easier ways to secure the blockchain. Proof of Work (PoW) is one method, but not terribly efficient use of computer resources. Hybrid Proof of Work (HPoW) by Lynx is a great evolution point in securing the blockchain more efficiently.

These are some of use cases they presented in 1993. It is the same sort of use cases that blockchain projects trying to peddle today:

  • audit trail
  • phone logs
  • criminal evidence
  • lab records
  • EPA, FDA submissions
  • funds transfers
  • cryptographic certificates
  • phone records
  • system logs
  • photographs
  • notary public
  • e-mail
  • faxes
  • stock trades
  • court records
  • government (gov’t) filings