capulo — Q&A with long time valued BiblePay community member

We have a chat with a special member of the BiblePay community, capulo. He comes to us from the beautiful country of Slovakia. Capulo loves to cycle and nature (hiking, parks). He, like many others, found BiblePay through a friend.

Hello capulo!

How long have you been involved with crypto?

First time when I heard about bitcoin was when it started… I didn’t understand it, so I let it go.. a big mistake Wink. Then, some time later, I tried to mine dogecoin, but I didn’t have powerful GPUs so I just mined several thousand doge — just for fun.1 2 Then long pause Smiley. On Oct/Nov 2017, I started with BiblePay. First, I mined with old laptop, but it looks good (and bitcoin bubble was going to explode… Cheesy) so I bought first 3 servers – all of them dual x5650 3. It was crazy as devs released mandatory fixes after midnight our time Smiley. But if I catch mandatory upgrade early after release, there was very good returns (as many users still not upgrade their miners).

As Proof of Distributed Computing (PoDC) came into life, I have already several servers and rent another over internet. At peak I had about 10 dual xeons e5-2670v2 4 or e5-2680v2 5… and of course also mine servers at home Cheesy. It was great as it was possible to mine BiblePay (bbp), ByteBall (byteball, obyte) and few others coins with one World Community Grid (wcgrid) account. Earnings from ByteBall (byte) covered electricity and rent costs, so bbp was free Cheesy. As PoDC finished, I stopped renting computers and now I’m using only my home servers to mine (about 10+ dual xeons). Advantage of this to have them at home is, that you don’t need to waste money for heating up your flat! Cheesy

What do you like about the BiblePay project?

I like the devs are hard working. I don’t have the nerves to develop and fix so fast. BiblePay’s Smiley purpose [to help orphans, poor children] is also interesting. BiblePay could help [more children] but the coin needs more adoption by wider miner base (or buyers) to avoid problems with converting monthly budget.

Is there anything unique about BiblePay compared to other projects?

I think BBP is only coin with so many different mining options Smiley. You can mine without electricity, just need to buy few megs [million] of BBP, or with [servers mining with ] electricity, or just writing letters. Smiley

What could be improved about BiblePay?

It is hard to start if you are new. Of course, Anti Bot Net (abn) requirement was turned off recently. But you still needs to read how to setup wallet, threads, etc. Something like one click miner can help. Just download and start wallet (or maybe click mine…) and you are mining at full speed.

Do your friends know about BiblePay?

Yes, I have 3 my friends that are mining bbp. One of them already quit and sold everything mined (few megs). One is idling Smiley have some coins but not mining now. Last one is still mining but not too much. They were disappointed with too many mandatory updates and too many changes in mining.

What do you do in real-life?

IT of course! Cheesy I am over 40 already with small children so I don’t have time for anything else. Cheesy
I like cycling, cycle trips over europe or just hiking or sleeping under stars in snow… Cheesy

What is great about your country?

I don’t think Slovakia is great overall, but it is cheap. You can buy 3 room flat under 15000 € (of course, not in big cities). Beer is only a few cents Cheesy. What is great is nature and the national parks. Commercial companies are destroying nature more and more. If you like adventure, take your backpack with sleeping bag and go hiking to one of our parks.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

No I don’t believe, just business Cheesy. But I do believe in extraterrestrial life Smiley

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  1. Bitmain Antminer L3+ scrypt miner was released around Oct 2017[]
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