Who are the big BiblePay (BBP) solo CPU miners?

Looking at the CPU miners of BiblePay (BBP) in mid-September 2019 to mid-October 2019, about 8 solo miners made up more than a third of all blocks that were mined on the BiblePay network.

cpk pool solo
B5Us6y2DSVF9U4w4R4CpBvJfcN1ZF236N1 478
B96CBZ3ZEAXYp8v8fHD4U4wL8B9PYHSNqf 468
BHkivtFtYYFGYxZFwPxaRM1JKXZDnvvnM7 423
BSk2dbd1nQNU4gTneaqKSesL1LqNoh36Vt 297
BNNcwPULrePEPmmd5R2zgfPfrFKv5f3L1Y 280
BLENRYgVPwzfsrJoJNbvC537qMHsCVyeFU 243
BGXz3WrxdT7UczR4zpX6Wc4kva98f9TxA3 203
BPHr5ooeyin5gE4EvRaGLurmG2jaumUzjp 200

As you can see from the chart below, we are looking at a count of mined blocks per day (UTC) starting from Sep 16 to Oct 20, 2019.

Miner B5Us clocks in the most blocks at 478. Close second is B96CB at 468.

You can see on Oct 13 (when the external miner was released), BHkiv and BNNcw both mined just a few blocks. B5us, B95C, BSk2, and BLEN all took the lion’s share of blocks on 10/13, 10/14, and 10/15. After the weekend, the top solo miner’s block count all dropped as other external solo miners came online.