BiblePay error: dbwrapper.h , Expression: dbTx.IsClean() , void Rollback()

zupernovato on BTC Talk and Pascal on discord asked:

I have been receiving an error since last week, no way to fix it. I haven’t been able to mine since or sync since it started. Any suggestions?

MiniGW Runtime Assetion

Assertion failed!

Program: C:\Users\ ... biblepay-qt.exe

File:dbwrapper.h, Line 549

Expression: dbTx.IsClean() 1

void Rollback() {
   didCommitOrRollback = true;
   if (rollbackHandler)


Possible Answers, Solutions:

Sun said:

How to easily resync BiblePay’s blockchain from scratch.


I had this error on a number of machines. They were on a fork.

I had to delete all files in C:\Users\myUser\AppData\Roaming\BiblepayEvolution **EXCEPT**  the biblepay.conf file and the wallet.dat. Then start the wallet and wait for re-sync with the network

Rob said:

It means one of the database files, most likely a block file is corrupted, please restart with:
./biblepay-qt -erasechain=1

This is relatively rare but can happen during an ungraceful exit – while database is exiting it can’t flush its state to disk and probably wrote some junk over the last sectors etc.


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