How to easily resync BiblePay’s blockchain from scratch.

Do you worry when you have to resync the blockchain that you don’t know what files and folders are safe to erase?

Did you know BiblePay has a cool feature that let’s you re-sync the blockchain without erasing files and folders yourself?

The parameter is called --erasechain . It is more effective than using Wallet Repair, reindex or the --reindex parameter.

Don’t get me wrong. Dash has a cool GUI for different wallet repair, but they don’t provide an easy way to rebuild the blockchain data from height 0.  --erasechain is a cool feature that I have not seen another crypto wallet provide. Reindexing the existing blockchain data on your computer does not return you back to the main chain.

–erasechain is more effective than rebuilding index

You must erase your blockchain and start over.

For Windows 10:

The easiest way to do this is to go to the directory that has biblepay-qt.exe

The default location for this file will be c:\Program Files or c:\Program Files (x86)

In my example, I installed BiblePay in the c:\bbp folder.

Navigate to that folder in Windows Explorer

Once you are in the correct folder, click in the address bar.

The entire address will be highlighted

As the address is highlighted, you can erase it and type cmd

This is short for the Command Prompt

You will get a command prompt where the default directory is c:\bbp

Make you have quit out of the BiblePay wallet

Go ahead and type out biblepay-qt --erasechain

This will erase all the blockchain files and start again from block height 0. 1

For Linux:

Do the following:

  • biblepay-cli stop
  • sleep 10
  • biblepayd --daemon --erasechain

Alternative Windows 10 instructions from Togo:

I would recommend:
– Search for BiblePay in bottom left search box on your PC
– Right Click > Open File Location

– Right Click > Properties

– add --erasechain to the end of Target

– Click Ok
– Double click BiblePay Core

And after that go back and remove --erasechain

  1. Please take special note that if you have a controller Sanctuary (masternode) wallet, there may be additional steps necessary before you can properly sync. []