What’s new in BiblePay

BiblePay – Leisure Upgrade

  • Add CPK and height params to exec sentgsc cpk height report. This allows you to audit a CPKs sent GSC/ABN transmissions per superblock height.
  • Add ROI target bbp tithe to exec roi amount report. This shows the ROI for a specific bbp tithe amount.1
  • Add exec cameroon_payments [xml/auto]. This report shows payments sent to cameroon one for POOM. NOTE: This report only shows payments sent via exec paycameroon
  • Added block range result to leaderboard rpc command.
  • Added automatic change of up to 10 outputs for each created abn. Note: We do not create change if the change will be less than the minimum ABN amount. You may set the key -changequantity=nnn to change the default to up to 50 outputs. (This allows ABN change age in smaller distributed chunks – thereby utilizing coin-age more efficiently for the next abn).
  • Fix crash at startup in OSX (MIP)2
  • Add nonstandard port # to global health report.3

exec sentgsc cpk height

  • this shows you what ABN was used (used to mine a block or lend for someone else to mine a block)
  • tithe to Proof of Giving (PoG) campaign
  • tithe to Healing cammpaign
  • tithe to CameroonONE

exec roi amount

exec cameroon_payments [xml/auto]

exec paycameroon

First, register with BiblePay before you sponsor a child

When you type listchildren and you see your balance is 40, that means you have a sponsorship due. CameroonONE will typically ask for sponsorship within the first 7 days of the month. It does not matter when you initially sponsored a child, this is just the due date they set to have a consistent workflow.

Todd F. said:

We are just going to reset the ‘charges due’ for every child for that particular month likely within the first week of the month. You are welcome to submit payments for your children at anytime within the month. So, it is up to you as to whether you prefer to pay the sponsor amounts exactly 30 days from the last payments or in lump sums once a month. It will not effect our operations either way.

Although you can pay whenever you want, if the balance is no 0 in listchildren then you will not be paid BBP. So, it is to your benefit to pay for the sponsorship promptly, or even a little earlier. You can see randrews typically has a surplus so he is paid 1-2 months ahead. A few days ago, the Balance was -80 (paid up 2 months). Now that Oct 2019 is due, you see the value is -40. This way, he has no gaps in BBP daily payments.

To make your payment using BBP, do the following:

  • Go to, Tools, Debug Mode
  • type listchildren – this will give you a list of children you are sponsoring
  • take that childid and include it in the following command. if the childid is 007c26f3 then type:
    exec paycameroon 007c26f3 40 test
  • Once you confirm the dry run looks correct, you can authorize the payment by replacing test with authorize
    Pro tip: to recall the previous command in Debug Console, just press the up arrow. Replace test with authorize
    exec paycameroon 007c26f3 40 authorize
    Now you will see the payment sent for the child. BBP/USD_Price is the same as the consensus price you see in exec price
  • Make sure to copy this text and submit to CameroonONE (Todd F)
  • If you have more than one orphan, repeat the process using the different childid




changequantity can be used either in your biblepay.conf

If you place the parameter in biblepay.conf no dash is needed.

or as part of a shortcut you put in Windows

Note that you will need a dash in front of changequantity.


  1. Suggest to allow exec roi include custom bbp amounts: exec roi <bbpamount> []
  2. Togo said on BTC Talk, A MacOS user reporting problem with version on Twitter: Andreas Edler @andreasedler2 – The new #BiblePay wallet version doesn’t start at all on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6. []
  3. Remove Port Restriction on Hosted Sanctuaries  []