Installing OpenVPN on Gullo’s hosting – 256MB plan on Ubuntu 14 32-bit

Installing OpenVPN on Gullo’s hosting

Others have claimed you can install OpenVPN on 128MB of RAM on Ubuntun 16 using Gullo’s hosting. If this is the case for you, I’d love to hear from you. I tried 128MB plan with Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS 64-bit, but never got OpenVPN to install correctly. I ran into a fatal error toward the end of the OpenVPN installation.

After many tries, I was able to install OpenVPN using CyberCiti instructions on Ubuntu 14.0.4 32-bit and connect from my laptop.

KiB Mem: 262144 total, 236764 used, 25380 free, 0 buffers KiB Swap: 0 total, 0 used, 0 free. 221136 cached Mem

I had 25MB of memory remaining on the 256MB plan.


  1. Enable TUN: You can enable TUN/TAP through the SolusVM Control panel. Details are provided above.
  2. Figure out your external public IPv4 based on your internal IP
  3. Install OpenVPN using CyberCiti instructions

Installation details

Entered the following details:

IP address: the internal IPv4 address given to you in the New Service Activated Email

Public IPv4 address: is the public IP you retrieve from here:

Protocol: UPD is fine

Port: you will be given a range of 20 ports. Use one from your range. For example, if you are in Pennsylvania 10.10.40.x, then click on the green link and enter the 10.10.40.x IP address you got in your e-mail. If you received a port range of 19200 to 19219, then pick a number in the range such as 19210.

DNS: 1 is fine

Client name: gullo or whatever you want to call your OpenVPN connection.

4. Once script finishes, a file will be written called gullo.ovpn

5. Save this file to your desktop

6. Install OpenVPN Gui for Windows or Tunnelblick for Mac

7. For OpenVPN (Windows), you can right-click on the tray, import file and select gullo.ovpn

If you get a green monitor in the system tray, you are connected successfully.

8. Go to and you can verify that your IP is indeed different

Log of


root@gullo:~# bash
Welcome to this OpenVPN "road warrior" installer!

I need to ask you a few questions before starting the setup.
You can leave the default options and just press enter if you are ok with them.

First, provide the IPv4 address of the network interface you want OpenVPN
listening to.
IP address: 10.10.x.x

This server is behind NAT. What is the public IPv4 address or hostname?
Public IP address / hostname: 199.187.x.x

Which protocol do you want for OpenVPN connections?
   1) UDP (recommended)
   2) TCP
Protocol [1-2]: 1

What port do you want OpenVPN listening to?
Port: 23610

Which DNS do you want to use with the VPN?
   1) Current system resolvers
   3) Google
   4) OpenDNS
   5) Verisign
DNS [1-5]: 1

Finally, tell me your name for the client certificate.
Please, use one word only, no special characters.
Client name: gullo

Jan 2021: since Ubuntu 14 and Ubuntu 16 are out of support, the script above support Ubuntu 18 and above.

Found this github script which supports Ubuntu 16: