Moving from Dropbox to Google Drive

I’m disappointed with Dropbox — they created another tier called Pro to give more storage 2TB and placeholder for cloud only files. I’m researching other businesses for my cloud storage. Google Drive is looking very attractive these days. I used Google Drive last year and found it to be buggy and slow. The client has grown in usability and features compared to last year. I’m experiencing very stable usage in Windows 7, Windows 10, and macOS 10.12.6. The only feature parity between Google Drive and Dropbox is the lack of greater granularity with Selective Sync.

With most of my storage consisting of Pictures & Videos, Google offers free storage on these media types (with some limitations).

I’d save 250GB in photos & videos this way and could potentially get all my storage requirements under 100GB. This means, I’d only pay $2/mo versus the $10/mo.

I was hoping Dropbox would make their service distinctive, but they’ve failed to do this. Google Drive also requires Suite to get placeholder access for cloud only files. Since Google Photos & Videos don’t count against my quota, I could use a less expensive plan yet have all my files on the cloud.

Dropbox’s Web UI weak against Google Drive. Google Drive Web UI really shines in terms of usability and performance. It seems everyone has a gmail account, so it makes sharing content and even collaboration much easier. My only concern at this point is making the switch in terms of cloud provider and setting up all the Select Sync correctly again.

If you have any experience making the switch, or have thoughts on how best to perform the migration, I’m all ears! 🙂


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