We no longer accept credit cards on eBay.

Choosing a payment method (for buyers). 1

For what it is worth (FWIW), we stopped accepting credit cards on eBay. Too much fraud and no tools to mitigate risk. We just accept Paypal now which is what eBay wants anyway. Once eBay starts accepting AuthorizeNet (I hear sometime in 2011 time with the possible roll-out of their shopping cart), we will re-evaluate whether we can safely accept credit cards on eBay again.

Credit card or debit card to a seller with an Internet merchant account

  • Payment is convenient and immediate. You pay directly from the listing page or email notification.
  • Payment is traceable. You can track the status of your payment using My eBay or your credit card account.
  • You may have some liability coverage. Your credit card company may provide a certain level of purchase protection. Contact your credit card company to learn more.
  1. http://pages.ebay.com/help/pay/methods.html#cc[]