PayPal Extras MasterCard

This is a very interesting play on eBay and Paypal’s part. For almost a decade, if you think of eBay, you think of Paypal as being the payment method. eBay at one point had their own payment service called BillPoint. Once eBay saw Paypal was kicking their butt, eBay just bought Paypal. Every since, eBay has been pushing Paypal has the exclusive payment method for eBay transactions. Google Checkout has been banned as a competitor and other methods have been disallowed possibly for safety reasons.

Now that eBay has pressure from sellers and consumers to offer credit card as a payment type, eBay and Paypal are positioning themselves to take a piece of that as well. By offering the PayPal Extras MasterCard, they can continue to earn profit even after offering competitor payment methods. Good move Paypal.

# Earn 3X points on gas and restaurants, 2X points on eBay/PayPal purchases, and 1X points on other purchases

# Redeem points for gift cards, merchandise, travel deals and even cash back as a credit into your PayPal balance

via PayPal Extras MasterCard.