google buzz like facebook and twitter with gps

I like google buzz. it takes all the best (and creepy) elements of facebook and Twitter. google buzz let’s you give status updates like facebook or Twitter. you can follow fellow friends. nothing new there.

the nearby feature is what is sort of interesting and creepy. you can see public posts based on your location. it seems every status update can have your location recorded with it. you run into privacy questions and stalker issues. but then you can also report crimes to city government based on your location. for example, there cars for sale on a street which is not allowed in Los Angeles. It would be easy to report issues based on your location. You could also report pot holes or illegal dumping (trash) too.

I’m sure the privacy issue will be raised and Google will make adjustments. I’m not sure how much of a user base they can grow with Twitter and Facebook already established. We will see. Good luck, Google!