Endicia Support – Harrys Hints – Database Integration

For any online retail business, having an efficient order manager and shipping system is key, especially a volume business. If you frequently ship US Postal for your products, using something like Endicia Professional may have save on labor cost and time.


Looking for a way to easily print USPS labels with postage by simply typing or scanning an order number? Endicia Professional can communicate with your database to streamline your USPS shipping.

After an order or invoice number is scanned or typed, Endicia Professional retrieves the shipping address from your database and automatically performs a ZIP+4 verification. Place the package on the scale, choose the mail class and additional services, and you'll see the shipping cost displayed. When you're ready to print the label, click Print. Endicia Professional starts DAZzle, our label and postage printing software, and within seconds a label will print, ready to stick on the package. You're ready to move on to the next order!

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