Thunderbird – It’s All Yours

Thunderbird – It’s All Yours: “Thunderbird 3

Now with tabs, better search, and email archiving.”

ThunderBird 3.0’s index and search feature is very usable now. I’m glad you listened to feedback and made the changes. As others have said, calendar and contacts is not great, but a strong e-mail client perhaps as a backup client on other machines.

IMAP is not usable for many reasons, especially if you use Outlook. I’ve been using POP3 and only allowing the main workstation to delete from server, while all the other backup machines (one laptop and iPhone Mail) just download e-mails. Its been working out very well and works a lot better for me than IMAP. If Outlook did a better job of IMAP support, I would try it again, but Outlook did a terrible job with Rules Wizard and IMAP. So much so, I gave us IMAP on Outlook.