>eBay Removes Seller-Exposure Restriction on Search Results

>eBay Removes Seller-Exposure Restriction on Search Results: “eBay said it would be posting an announcement at 9 am Pacific time today letting sellers know it was removing a restriction on Best Match search exposure. eBay currently limits the number of listings from a single seller to ten per page in Best Match search results (unless the only available listings that remained were from the same seller). Later this week, it will remove that limitation. (This is similar to, but is not, the de-dupe policy.)”

1) Keyword research in title & description will become even more important. Small sellers won’t be able to compete on volume, so SEO will be a key component in competition. I’m not advocating keyword spamming (although eBay has no clue in terms of what is and is not during enforcement), but you have to outsmart your competition. Volume sellers aren’t going to bother editing titles and description. They’ll just take what the distributor gives them and compete on price only.

2) The Recent Sales Best Match algorithm only means a volume seller only has two sell 1 more than you. Then they can dominate multiple listings in a search. This change will definitely favor the Buy.com on eBay versus the small sellers.