>ProPay & eBay Integration Not Complete

>We have been experimenting with ProPay and integration with eBay Checkout. We still need to revise all the listings we have on eBay, but customers are able to checkout using ProPay when the option is selected. Paypal’s Immediate Payment Required must be turned off. And it seems all the bulk editing tools (Selling Manager Pro, File Exchange, eBay Blackthorne, TurboLister) as of today do not have a way to revise or add listings with ProPay option selected. eBay Blackthorne (alpha builds) is supposed to have some ProPay support, but have not tested it yet.

Even if customers pay with ProPay, we have not received e-mail notifications to let us know nor do eBay transactions get marked as paid.

It seems the integration is not complete. We look forward to ProPay working with eBay to get this integration complete.

ProPay: Ebay: “The ProPay eAuction account is the easiest way for your eBay® buyers to pay. With ProPay’s secure integrated checkout, your buyers pay immediately with their credit or debit cards, without having to log into or set up a separate account. They’ll love the convenience, protection, and rewards from paying with credit or debit cards.”