>Taking Stock of Inventory Management – BusinessWeek

>We proudly use StoneEdge Order Manager for multi-channel integration with our web store (AmeriCart/CartServer), eBay (eBay Blackthorne), and Amazon.

Taking Stock of Inventory Management – BusinessWeek: “To track his inventory, Carroll uses software from Stone Edge Technologies that tells employees the location of any item in his warehouse. When an item is picked off the shelves, the software produces purchase orders. Shipping tags and pick lists are also generated automatically. Says Carroll: ‘I no longer sit on inventory I don’t need, and this system helps my cash flow.’ Later this year, Carroll will upgrade to Stone Edge’s premium product, which should let his workers use handheld bar code readers to send inventory information to Carroll’s database for near-simultaneous updates. He says he’ll then be able to count items in certain sections of his warehouse without doing any data entry. Customers will be automatically notified when an item is back-ordered and told when they can expect it to be delivered.”