>eBay In Demand – what is in high demand, but low supply?

>I like to call this the “Elmo Effect”. This will be a good opportunity for eBay to get “hot items” to the site by giving sellers incentives (discounted listing fees and/or Final Value Fee [FVF]). To make comparisons with Amazon, this would be the same as being able to source and stock hot selling items. eBay will have a lower profit on these type of items, but eBay needs is a critical mass of shopping traffic which it has not had in a long time. If every day could garner shopping traffic like a “free listing day” would, eBay will be creating a truely “vibrant marketplace”.

Introducing eBay In Demand » eBay Ink: “eBay In Demand is a new program that provides timely information to sellers about specific inventory that is in high demand and low supply on eBay.com. Essentially, by providing inventory that buyers want, participating sellers have the opportunity to increase conversion rates and sales while helping fill eBay’s inventory gaps.”