Endicia started offering high-speed thermal printing today!

Endicia started offering high-speed thermal printing today! We print shipping labels individually (using StoneEdge Order Manager), so this new feature would not help us that much.

Below is the e-mail I received:

We are pleased to announce that DAZzle version 8.1.08 provides high-speed printing on Zebra EPL printers to Professional and Platinum service plan customers. Download DAZzle 8.1.08 now and experience the difference.

Additional information about high-speed printing with Zebra EPL printers:

Most DAZzle-compatible Zebra printers use EPL, but if you would like to check if EPL is the programming language used by your printer, please visit the Zebra Web site.

To print in high-speed mode, you will need:

  • A Professional or Platinum Shipper account
  • Zebra or ZDesigner printer drivers
  • Use a 4”x6” label
  • An updated version of DAZzle (8.1.08 or later).
    • To determine which version you are currently running, select “About” from the Help menu in DAZzle.
    • To update your version of DAZzle, please visit our FAQ.

To access the high-speed printing function:

  • Open DAZzle.
  • Select a Zebra layout.
  • Go to “Printer Setup”.
  • If you already have a Zebra printer selected, you can select “High Speed” in the lower right hand corner.
  • Print your layout as you would normally.
  • If you would like the layout you are using to always print in high-speed mode, be sure to “Save layout”.

Thank you for using Endicia.

The Endicia Team